Enheduanna Picture

The whole hymn can be read here: [link]

Women's voices are rare in ancient literature, but the earliest known author is actually a woman. Enheduanna (2285-2250 BCE) was the daughter of king Sargon and queen Tashlultum of Akkad. She was also the high priestess of the moon god Nanna (or Sin or Suen as he also was called) and quite a devotee of the goddess Inanna. She wrote hymns to Inanna and composed 42 hymns addressed to temples across Sumer and Akkad, the so called Temple Hymns. Obviously something like that hadn't been done before, because Enheduanna wrote proudly at the end of the Temple Hymns: "The compiler of the tablets was Enheduanna. My king, something has been created that no one has created before".
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