DN: TAC - Mokele Picture

Mokele Mbembe


"Your desires exist if you work to achieve them."

Name: Mokele
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Dinosaurian
Species: Diplodocus longus
Occupation: Transport
Affiliations: Team Delta
Relationships: None
Season Appearances: The New Generations
Weapon: Tail
Class: Rookie
Allies: Team Delta, Team Omega, Dragon Shifters
Enemies: Giovani, Zugaikotsu, The God-King
Personality: Adventurous, stubborn, determined, cautious
Likes: Mythology, Ikarossaura, adventures, eating
Dislikes: Starvation, being told what's real and what's not; rejection
Status: Unknown
Abilities/Aspects: Wields Water and Grass; strong whip-like tail; slow but a good fighter

Theme Song: The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun (Celtic Woman)


Most Diplodocus in Dinosauria are pure grey, but MOKELE is one of the few who have some dashes of color, mainly on her spines and the tip of her tail. She grew up on tales of ancient beings, but her favorite is the Moon Dragon, Ikarossaura, and she wishes to find the dragon and prove her existence some day.

When Zugaikotsu appeared, possessed by The God-King,
Mokele joined forces with Comet's friends, paleontologist Eric Bower, the Moon Dragon Ikarossaura, and some other dinosaurs to find the Legendary Beasts and summon them to defeat the Vampire Dragon. She was thrilled to learn that Ikarossaura does exist, but was disappointed to see she lost her faith. Ikaros eventually changes her mind and joins the heroes. But the possessed dragon found them first and gained control of them. All hope seemed lost, but then the arrival of Scarflame the Comet Dragon gave the heroes the advantage they needed. They got the Legendary Beasts on their side and Mokele used her powers, combined with those of the other dinosaurs, to vanquish The God-King forever and free Zugaikotsu from his possession.

Some time after the battle, Mokele went to Alayssia to visit Ashlee and Rokai. She apprehends Dinosaurian crime boss Giovani, who pursued Talon, seeking revenge.

Character (c) Eric Bower
Redesign (c) Nick Dodge

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