Kailani Ahi'ai Honua Picture

This is my OC Kailani, She is also known as Sailor Thálassa,

First Name:Kailani

Middle Name (Optional):Ahi'Ai

Last Name: Honua



Info/Description (If Not Human):N/A

History: Kailani is a on of Endemyons reborn younger sisters,in the past her name was Galene (Greek name meaning "calm seas." In mythology, this is the name of a sea nymph and goddess of calm seas){www.20000-names.com/female_gre…} She had a Twin sister named Helene(Greek name probably derived from the word helénē, meaning "torch." In mythology, this is the name of the most beautiful woman ever to exist whose abduction by Paris caused the Trojan war.){www.20000-names.com/female_gre…} They were 6 years old when the war happened. Kailani was born on The 2ed Smallest Island of Hawaii, Molokai.

Age: 916-I am assuming that the SMOCT happens after the Great Freeze.

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