Thrall WIP Picture

Ok, so I decided to challenge myself into doing a Warcraft series of character drawings, and I decided to start with Thrall. Why you ask? for one thing, Thrall has to be my top favorite character in the Warcraft universe so I wanted to start this challenge with him. Secondly, I got bored of doing anime and manga stuff all the time and wanted to do something different for a change, but didn't know where to start. Until it hit me, I can go back to my passion for science fiction and fantasy and work my way through there. And thirdly, I've been pretty passionate about the Warcraft mythology with it's plot material (such as books, comics, behind the scenes videos, etc.) and I've learned a little while back that Blizzard was finally doing a movie with the director behind "Source Code" and "Moon" (THANK GOD that Uwe Boll will not be involved with this movie in ANY way), I can't help but be excited for the movie to come out in 2016. I want that movie to work, it's 2014 and we yet to have a good video game movie! Anyways, here's the project about 4 hours in, hope you like what you see and let me know what you think?

Materials used so far:
-Standard #2 Pencil
-Strathmore Brand Sketch Paper
-Kneaded Eraser
-Standard 12 inch ruler
-2H Shading Pencil

The character Thrall, the Warcraft RTS trilogy, World of Warcraft, ALL WoW expanded universe material including books, comics, etc., all belong to their rightful owners. Please support their official release.
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