#042 LYROCCOS Picture

Type: Rock/Dark

Ability: Battle Armor / Clear Body
Hidden Ability: Rock Head


Lyroccos has nocturnal habits. On full moon nights usually stay static standing looking at the star. According to legends, this habit Rock justify its kind because it behaves like a statue that period. During the day usually rub their saliva and in the mainly in the rocky parts of your body. This saliva has waterproof features.

base Mythological:

Lyroccos is inspired by possible myths that originated the "werewolves". The first myth tells the story of Lycaon, one of the kings of Greece, who performed sacrifices of human foreign to the god of gods, Zeus. Disgusted with this custom, Zeus transformed Lycaon and his almost fifty children into wolves. Another possible origin of werewolves is in Roman myth "Damarco". This was a boxer who also won characteristics of wolves and remained looking like this for nine years. This curse was also awarded by the god of gods.
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