Influence Map Picture

1. John William Waterhouse - I just love this artist – there are no words to describe how fantastic he was. If you like fantasy and/or myth stories, chances are you’ve probably heard of this man. If you haven’t make sure to have a look, the quality and sheer AMOUNT of artwork he created was amazing. My realistic art practically oozes inspiration from this guy.

2. Alphonese Mucha - Another artist I adore and a very obvious choice considering my latest artwork posted on Deviantart. I love his use of line and the simplicity in his colouring. I’ve been heavily influenced by his art, trying to merge a lot of his style with my own.

3. Naoko Takeuchi – “Sailor Moon.” Self-explanatory ☺. A lot of my manga style up to 2009 was heavily inspired by her style – it’s changed a bit since then but the essence of her influence is still in my work to this day.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time This game (in particular it’s art direction) was what first inspired me to draw/ create my own characters and stories. It definitely pushed me to where I am artistic wise today. FUN FACT: Ocarina of Time was the first game I ever played.

5. Zelda Wang – “Myth.” I only found Zelda on DA late last year but WOW, she can draw some gorgeous art! I suppose it also helps that she’s created a manga based on Greek mythology (a major obsession of mine.) In all seriousness, I have the upmost respect for this artist and if you have the time, should definitely check her work out: [link]

6. Adam Hughes - A brilliant comic book artist, he has a truly unique style and has worked on some of covers of my favourite comics: Wonder Woman and Fairest to name a few.

7. Yoshitaka Amano - One of my favourite artists of all time – his style is so unique, there’s no other artist like him. I love the way his line work is so sketchy, yet his artwork looks complete at the same time.

8. Greek Mythology – “God of War/Athena.” - Greek mythology has always been a major influence on my creativity. My love for Greek myths drove me to discover other mythologies, fairytales and their origins, etc until I had a love for history in general. Despite everything I’ve read, Athena has always been my favourite mythological Goddess.

9. Walt Disney – “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” If you didn’t guess that this was coming I’d be really surprised
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