Lilith / Ereina / Sailor Midnight Picture

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Princess Lilith: Roughly the same age as Princess Serenity. She is the niece of Queen Nehellenia and heiress to the Obsidian Kingdom. Her Mother, Queen Eris, and her Father, King Romero, had told her that the Moon Kingdom hadn't always been the strongest Kingdom in the whole Galaxy. That was true in some extent. She was told that everything in the universe happened for some reason. Just like the time when the Moon Kingdom fell. Despite her name sake, Lilith was quiet the energetic and kind little girl. She was loved by her parents and her aunt despite their cold nature. When she was studying she loves the History of the universe, the mythology of gods and goddesses and the story of Hades and Persephone. When the Moon Kingdom fell Lilith was sent to the future for unknown reasons.

Ereina Masuko: Present day reincarnation of Princess Lilith. She goes to the same school as Usagi and her friends (Rei, Ami, Mako and Minako)and she becomes friends with Usagi. As she is walking home she is stop by a Japanese Spitz puppy who tells her that she is Sailor Midnight, defender of the Obsidian Kingdom. She doesn't believe the puppy but as she witness the Sailor Senshi fighting the Lemures she understands her responsibility. Unlike the Inner and Outer Sailor Senshi, Ereina's hair isn't the same as her Sailor Senshi form. In her civilian form her hair is brown whilst in Sailor Senshi form her hair is purple.

Sailor Midnight:

"Called forth by Hades, the ruler of the Underworld. I am the Sailor Senshi of nightmares and night spectres. Sailor Midnight. In the name of Lilith I will end you!"

"Midnights nightmare!" Sends out a night owl which elopes around the person causing them to fall asleep. The owl sings a haunting song which causes the person to have a nightmare. The nightmare then starting to destroy their dreams, making it impossible to have any normal dreams.
Nightmares Lilith!" With the eclipsed Moon Wand, sends out a powerful wave of dark purple light.

"Eris's Chaos destruction!" Named after the Goddess and her Mother. This attack is similar to "Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss" (even though Sailor Moon is only in her Super Moon fuku during this time). This attack, if performed, can kill somebody.

Sailor Midnight's fuku consists of dark blue, dark grey and black and her hair colour is purple. Ereina is able to use this form to get close to Sailor Senshi and extract her revenge on the White Moon Family. She is able to get into Dead Moon Circus whenever she needs to as tells Ziconica that she is niece of Queen Nehellenia. The Dead Moon Queen remembers her and allows to visit her whenever she wants to. She even tells her about Chibiusa and Helios. Whilst she not truly evil, Sailor Midnight does have attacks relating to the Dead Moon Queen and her own mother.

Queen Lilith: She has the same dress of her mothers. In the future she rules the Obsidian Kingdom and restores it when she has her memories back. She still wants revenge on the White Moon Family and the Sailor Senshi but not on Usagi. Lilith does marry and has a child (who is underclear). The reason why her revenge is not set on Usagi is because of her problems in the past (her mother, the senshi, Prince Endymion). Lilith rulers her Kingdom with a firm but fair hand. She only punish those who commit vile deeds in her Kingdom or those who are Sailor Senshi. Nehellenia watches her niece in Eris's place. Eris only regret was not watching her Daughter grow up into the beautiful lady she is to become.
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