P3 - Katase Mana Picture

090213: I fixed up her bio a little.
Finally, I finished it <3 My own Persona character. Complete, with personas and everything :3 I'll see if I can design the persona's as well.

Character Information:
Name: Katase Mana
Age: 17 years old DoB: 12 July 1992
Height: 157 cm Weight: 52 kg
Notes: Mana is left-handed
Likes: Reading and tidiness
Dislikes: Sleeping in beds, noodles, eggs & green beans

Mana is rather calm and open minded. She doesn’t care much for her private life and gladly shares if she’s asked about it. Mana doesn’t sleep well in beds, therefore she’s often seen napping on a sofa in the lounge or up in the Assembly room. Mana can often be seen with her face buried in a book, she reads a lot and doesn’t really have a favorite genre so she reads everything from fantasy to history books. She likes when things are neat and clean, after every Tartarus visit she makes sure to clean any weapons and equipment she has used. Her room is also well cleaned. She pretty much on the good side with all her dorm mates, though she has a slight distaste for Yukari’s behavior on some occasions. Mana isn’t very social because of her constant reading but she doesn’t dislike having conversations with people.

Weapon: Mana has focused on firearms as she is not very strong physically. She prefers using the rifles.
Evoke: Too bring forth her persona, Mana holds her gun with her left hand and shots herself through her chin.
Persona: Mana’s persona is rather unique, because unlike the other human Persona-users she calls forth an animal persona, like Koromaru. Also when her new persona awakens it becomes two.

Starter: Fenrir
Fenrir is from Norse Mythology. He is a huge wolf, son of Loki. Because of his fearsome size Fenrir was fettered to a large boulder, only when Ragnarok arrived could he break free.
Fenrir is strong against Bufu, but weak against Mudo.

New: Skoll & Hati
Hati and Skoll are sons of Fenrir. Skoll is the wolf who chases the Sun (Sol) and Hati chase the Moon (Mani). One of the signs for Ragnarok is that Skoll will devour the Sun and Hati will swallow the Moon.
Skoll and Hati nullifies Bufu and Agi, they are weak against Mudo and Hama.

Picture took me about 10 hours to make, but please note that the uniform (skirt and jacket) is from the game. I didn't design it P= She's also holding a Savage Rifle.

Please enjoy ^^

Katase Mana, story & Art ©
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