Shamaniac Picture

For a long time I have wanted to paint stuff inspired by shaman drums - then I bought an oval-shaped canvas and it inspired me to do this painting.
I do have a great interest in animal/nature-themed myths and beliefs. Swan, wolf and crane are not just my favourite animals, but they play pretty big role in Finnish-Karelian folklore; that's why I wanted to paint them in this "drum".
All the red figures are painted after real shaman drum symbols (I did search some facts and pictures about them), yet couple of figures are painted after old Karelian petroglyphs.

Meanings of the symbols (clockwise, starting from the uppermost symbol): northern star, swan with sun and moon, swan with halo, crane and sun, wolf, bear, moose, crane, waterbird, shaman, witch/shaman, mooses, another wolf, human, another shaman, moon, sun and northern lights.

Acrylics and gouache
November 2012
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