As We Stand Picture

This is something i have been working on the past few days, and I am realy proud of how it turned out. It depicts three characters from a story i have had rolling around in my head for a while now... well not really a story, more some mythology and some characters. on the left we have 'Jack of Spades', a character i drew in a previous pic. [link] Then is Michael, standing to the right, and finally is Karas, a character name I folded in from this [link] series of poems i did. the character (the crow on michael's shoulder) has nothing to do with the poems but I liked the name and the idea behind the crow grew naturally into the mythology, so im gonna keep him.

It turned into a bit of a study in shadeing and light sources, something i am not very good at. Overall it took about five nights of work and killed my pacer.
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