out of the hum of the street lights, Picture

she's finally here........my childe
smolcat helped SO MUCH w/ the markings tbh bless their soul!!!!!!!! they r a dirty cat sinner but they deserve heaven for this
this is my primary mascot!!!! she is soulmates w/ NoxFeline's Eira: fav.me/d9t4kq6 ;333
please draw the nerds together I will literally cry,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,neck smooches/nibbles r good shit TBH!!!!!! our relationship is not v sexually charged it's more like,,,, soulmates w/ benefits so cuddles r a+++++

a.) Ven bears physical characteristics vaguely reminiscent of the mythological Sphinx. Her body is long and sinew, her fur thick and short. It grows longer and more dense near her chest, base of tail, and tail tip. Various patches of black, off-white, and gold fabricate a pattern that may remind some of aspen trees, and evolutionarily that was the purpose. She originates from a heavily forested area with a similar palette. Her pelt thins out near her abdomen, where enlarged nipples are quite exposed (these are a mandatory aspect of her design! Please do not draw her without them!). The skin on her stomach is soft and very sensitive.
b.) Ven always has a long strip of fabric tightly wrapped around her tail to keep the extra fur under control. While the one depicted on her feral form is the primary design, she may also be drawn with other solid colored or even patterned (mostly vintage themed) wraps.
c.) Ven's hands and feet are furless, her skin dry and rough to the touch. She has mild to intense eczema that usually strikes during the peaks of spring and winter, and small speckles and blemishes that stick with her all year round. Ven has thin, dark grey pads that blanket the undersides of her hands and feet, providing minimal protection against the earth. Her nails are long and sharp, and appear slightly translucent (however, they may be drawn entirely opaque as well!).
d.) Ven's face is also entirely hairless. It is rounded in shape, pointing inwards at the slightest near her chin. Her eyes are wide and intense, pupils almost always slits, the white of her eyes usually present. She always had bags under her eyes, and little flecks and speckles are scattered all over her skin. Her fur comes back in at the base of her ears, which are long and slender with small tufts. Her mane channels into two small braids on each side of her face, and eventually blends back into the main pelt.
e.) Ven has large, sharp teeth, and a long, fat tongue that splits at the end. Her saliva is translucent, slightly milky in color. Her blood is scarlet to crimson, much like that of a human.

Accessories: (f) small vile of crushed herbs, usually rosemary, chamomile, or thyme. (g) geometrical opalite shard. can be worn with a black thread or a silver chain. worn the most often out of all her necklaces. (h) Raw opal chunk, given to her by Eira. Wrapped tightly in black thread. (i) tiny moon charm.

j, k.) Wings are long and slender, with a potent symbolic purpose. Please do not draw her with wings unless specifically asked to! ; v ; (j) Top of wings are black with golden tips. (k) underside of wings is an array of bright yellow speckles of different hues. Cream ends with slight off-white tips.
l.) Ven can also be drawn in anthro form! She can be drawn without clothes, but usually has them on. They tend to be solid color or vintage themed!

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