Fenrir Amoki Picture

Name: Fenrir ‘Fen’ Amoki

Birthday: May 9

Star Sign: Taurus

Favorite Food: Meat. Any kind of meat.

Quote: There’s nothing better than a run through the woods with the wind in your face and the moon for a guiding light.

Ribbon: Hungry Like The Wolf

Royal/Rebel: Royal

Parents: The Wolf

Parent's Story: Little Red Riding Hood, and any story with a Wolf in it

Roommate: None right now. Guess they’re too scared of me.

Secret Heart's Desire: Okay, so I’m not a hero or a prince, but I’d wish people would stop treating me like I’m evil. Sure I’m a punk and I’m meant to be a villain in one story, but that doesn’t mean all wolves in every fairy tale are evil villains.

My "Magic" Touch: I’m probably the fastest and strongest student in school. Showing once again how happily ever awesome it is to be me.

Storybook Romance Status: At the moment, I don’t have a girlfriend. But I do have a crush on a girl who always wears red.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: I tend to get a bit out of control whenever I see an animal that I can hunt down and/or chase. Animal instincts are stronger than you’d think.

Favorite Subject: Grimmnastics. I LOVE running track. Though I have to keep my howling impulses in check when I do.

Least Favorite Subject: Science and Sorcery. I have no magic skills, so I don’t even know why I’m being forced to take this class. I just catch up on some sleep.

Best Friends Forever After: Don’t really have any friends

Pet: A white wolf cub named Skoll. He’s one of my best friends, and more loyal than any dog.

Fenrir is somewhat of a ‘typical’ punk, and a slight bully. He enjoys scaring some of the other students, especially the 3 pigs. He hates fancy clothes that most students wear and as a result, he tears and rips his own so that he feels more comfortable.
While he says he’s the son of the Wolf, whom most assume is the Big Bad Wolf, Fenrir is actually just one of many nephews of the BB Wolf and therefore is the cousin of Cerise. Though to protect Cerise, Fen’s interaction with her is said to be ‘just because of their stories’. But in reality, Cerise is one of Fenrir’s best and only friends. However, some students assume this interaction is because Fenrir’s crush is in fact Cerise, though Cerise and Raven know this to be false.

Fenrir's given name comes from the giant wolf son of Loki of Norse mythology while his surname is an anagram of 'okami' the Japanese word for 'wolf'. The rune on Fen's choker and armband means "heritage, estate, possession".

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