wonder woman redesign Picture

part 3 in my redesign series.

Bridget Regan as the base.

fan art of the dc character of course.

Design thoughts...


Ok, let's work our way down from the top... If you'll notice the crown actually displays the representations of moon phases... This is intentional. Themyscira is a culture that has grown from ancient times, basically ruled over by a PRE Dianic cult of the goddess... It's a female culture, and the moon and its cycles would have remained sacred. So I started with that right off the bat even going so far as to put the pentacle star right in the center of the full moon representation for the full "triple goddess" symbol of Hera represented in 3 phases.

Next feature... This is a crown, but this is also a light armor circlet, complete with bridge guard.

I follow this with braids... because to me Diana should simply always have braids, whether it be a single warrior braid in the back or dual side braids as Ive presented here, the idea is that this is a warrior. This is an ancient tradition. This woman is going to wear some braids.

I did give her a nose ring. Yet again I emphasize that this a warrior culture from a Goddess religion. The nose ring can either be seen as a social sign or as an initiation ritual... but it was either that or a tattoo.

Next we have reached the Eagle... It is metal. It is armored and it is vital to the symbolism. When Steve Trevor showed up it was important for them to know that America's symbol was the Eagle... The eagle was the immortal bird of Zeus after all. If Americas symbol had been a Turkey then chances are that Steve Trevor might have been roasted rather than rescued before it was all said and done. The Amazons are always a spiritual people, and I think that the symbolism matters to them a great deal as a sign which influences their decisions.

It's often said that Wonder Woman's costume intentionally displays the symbols of America as a representation of coming in peace... but the truth is that I didn't use red white and blue. I didn't make her costume into the stars and stripes. I do not hold to the idea that this costume was made to appease or placate another nation, but that this simply is Diana's armor... these are the symbols of Themyscira, and that the commonality is one of the only reasons that they decided to bring Steve back to America rather than to just drop him off on the coast of Algiers with a "goodbye and good luck"

So I kept designing her as an Amazon... not as someone in a costume intended for a single diplomatic mission, but as a full fledged Princess of HER people. She wouldn't wear this every single day just lazing around the Island... but she would wear it any time that she intended to battle or train.

The eagle is gold in color but it is bronze in composition. Her Leather bodice is thick and armored... I considered giving it straps, but ultimately chose that with such custom form fitted leather it would have not problems staying put. This stuff isn't flimsy. Leather armor is Rigid... which is why it has grommets and rivets holding it together in places... But also why I included break points for flexibility. Some areas are more layered than others.


Next we have the belt... or as it's better known the GIRDLE OF HIPPOLYTA! which also bears the double representation of the eagle once more (yes that ww is a symbolic EAGLE not the letter W) ...

I should also note that my version of Hippolyta would never have had sex with ARIES as has been depicted occasionally in other media... this is because according to the old mythology (which I love) Aries is Hippolyta's father. (Just saying)

The bracelets/armcuffs being directly crafted by magic differ from the aesthetic of the rest of the armor. These are divinely crafted so I specifically made them to stand out. I also made them into full forearm bracers rather than just bracelets... because well, they ARE still armor. The lasso is similar. I kept it short because it is magical and can extend as needed. I strongly considered having it hang off the back of a dagger and truthfully if I were to ever use this in any type of action sequence that is likely what I would do... One end would be weighted with a handle while the other end contained the loop only for the length to extend as needed from the handle itself...

So moving on down we finally get to the gladiator skirt, which is a combination of leather and canvas adorned with raised metal pentacles that serve as partial armoring equally as much as decoration. (seriously, look it up)

Instead of boots we have leg bracers with shin protection over top of classic leather sandals...

Now... a lot is said typically about the practicality of so much exposed skin and pronunciation of sexual features present in Wonder Woman's costume... You'll notice that this is not a glorified bathing suit, but it also is not a full suit of armor... This is ancient world, Mediterranean and Persian inspired gladitorial armor. Even a roman soldier some hundreds of year later would still wear very similar attire to this, skirt, sandals and all...

Themyscira was apart for a long time... and even though their culture advanced and grew through the centuries... they are a bit entrenched in their ways as an isolationist country. They never dealt with guns or grenades nor needed camouflage or flack jackets... Diana is an Amazon... and this is the costume I designed around that idea.
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