Chorister of Light Picture

I finished it a bit earlier today and then worked on a profile to figure out a little bit MORE of who she is exactly. I had a lot of fun doing this and I hope to draw her again :3.

About the Girl

Name: Kuu
Meaning: An Finnish Moon God
Alias: Maashirono Kuu
Definition: Sky of Pure White
Age: 13 years old
Hair: Teal Blue colored, her hair is parted in the middle and pulled into two very low riding buns. She had heart shaped bangs that are very curly and fluff up. If she wore her hair down, it would reach just past her buttocks.
Eyes: Russet colored, they are unusually large and expressive, much like an owl’s gaze. She has thick eyelashes that are rather attractive rather than bothersome with carefully groomed eyebrows.
Skin: Peach colored, considered Caucasian
General Appearance: Kuu is considered petite, standing only at 5’ even and very light looking. She has perky breasts and a very natural figure with normal width hips and rather long looking legs despite her height. When she dresses, she almost always dresses in layers and additional clothing, such as scarfs, gloves, double shirts, etc. She loves earthy colors and some bright colors, usually gold or yellow.
Distinguished Markings:
Rather short height and very pixie-like figure. At the lower part of her back, right smack in the middle, just above her buttocks is what appears to be a white oval shaped tattoo that she refers affectionately as the Teal’s Egg.

Kuu also has an amazing singing voice, that will draw any attention from any living thing. Her songs are often calming, lulling those around to relaxation and making them feel better if there is something wrong, giving her a ‘healer’s’ touch, so to speak.
Kuu is a very emotional person, easily prone to tears in any given situation, be it surprise, love, fear, or anger. She is extremely giving though she’s not without wanting things back in return. She believes in an eye for an eye and will fight for the right cause as long as she still believes in it, not because the world says it’s the right thing to do. She’s got a lot of energy and is often seen running to places, never really walking because she’s so easily excitable. She’s considered flighty and is often not relied on. If ever she had to help a friend, unless it was utmost serious, she will be late or even not show up because she either forgot or she remembered too late.

Kuu is a definite people person, despite that she doesn’t always care about what the other person says or does because she’s too focused on herself. She loves to be in groups, often trying to be the ringleader and make sure that everything she does is what everyone else does. She’s considered bossy and dominating in situations, though she does usually put everyone in a good position, treating them with respect if she thinks they deserve it.
Likes: Flying kites, air gliding, bird watching (especially ducks), all types of weather, singing
Dislikes: Hunting, loud noises, and having to rearrange herself for others (this makes her very uncomfortable and out of her zone, which she does NOT like to leave)

About the Soldier

Name: Sailor Avatea
Title: The Chorister of Light
Mythology: Polynesian
Realm of Influence: Light, air/wind, cosmic energy
Colors: Plum and Pistachio Green (Main color), Coral Pink and Gold (Secondary color)
Twinned Congener Staff - Two staffs completely of the same build and look, save that one is golden and the other is silver. The silver staff holds the ‘Golden Crystal’ and the golden staff holds the ‘Ginzuishou’. Placed together, the two crystals overpass each other and a ‘heart’ is formed with the doubled crystal at the center.

Avatea claims that both crystals are as they’re supposed to be, having discovered them both in her time. What’s known for certain is that each crystal can hold a great amount of energy but seems to need to get the energy from elsewhere, than being of their own (much how its known that the current Ginzuishou and Golden Crystal are known for).

Illuminating Swift! - Transparent wings of light form that either she can fly short distances or send out gusts of wind to repel. Wings are fashioned after a duck’s wing.

Big Bang! - Sends out waves of transparent energy to assault the enemy. She uses energy gathered from her Avatea Blackbody attack. She can use one staff at a time (it’s far less complicated) or both (which will not only use the energy stored but her own as well, making it a very powerful albeit draining attack).

Avatea Blackbody! - Brings in all versions of energy to her, ‘sucking’ life out of all living things, and general energy such as from sunlight/sky/etc. VERY powerful attack, energy is stored in her two staff’s Crystals.
Sailor History:
Sailor Avatea was born just before the Big Bang occurred, when only the Cosmos existed as pure white energy, undiluted by Chaos. But when the Big Bang happened and Chaos infused itself with the pure white energy, Sailor Avatea awoke a soldier of the Cosmos, in hopes of retaining the original form of Cosmos and destroying Chaos at all costs.

As Chaos has many forms, Avatea, a being of pure Cosmos, has had many forms as well. These forms, however, are unknown, as each form is considered a different life or existence, never twice in the same place.

The current Avatea was born somewhere and sometime that she has never disclosed. She claims she is from the far future, where the legend of Senshi, and especially that of Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Moon is nothing more but old, forgotten fables. She’s given no reason of why she’s in the past or why she is seeking that of the Sampo, an artifact known to hold the three worlds of existence (the Underworld, the Earth, and the Heavens).
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