The Latvian Sun - Saule Picture

I keep digging into the Latvian folklore.
Ancient Latvians used to personify all the natural processes around them, they believed that the environment is being controlled by numerous deities like the Sun or Saule (in Latvian)
The shiny circle in the sky is actually Saule's yard which is so beautiful and clean it can be seen from far away. She is a very good housekeeper, she is also one of the most polite and kind godesses - she gives her warmth and light everyone - no matter their social status, she stays with people all day long to help them with their everyday works.
There is also interaction between Saule and Meness (moon) who is believed to be whether her husband or her daughters husband (might vary in different sources).
Saule is one of the most beloved godesses - her symbol is a circle and is often used in ornamental decorations there is also a bunch of rituals dedicated to her
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