Sailor Metis Picture

Name: Merle Atwood
Age: 19
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Copper brown (changes to a gradient of copper brown to red when she transforms)
Eyes: Grey (changes to violet after transforming)
Transformation: Metis Galilean Power Make-Up!
Attack 1: Metis Shadow Vice
Attack 2: Metis Dark Fury
Personality: A hard exterior matches her rather hard interior. She is mysterious and doesn't trust others at first but once she does she warms up to them quickly but is still rather secretive about herself. She's a sophomore in college, majoring in psychology. Because of this she likes to people watch and study their behavior. She has a few friends and she is very close to them. She values knowledge above all else and has trouble with emotions and feelings. Even though she can be serious and secretive most times she's a great leader and an excellent strategist, wanting the best for her team; she'll do most anything for them but she won't let them know that.

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