Demon Meedan, Lunar kale... Picture

Character sketches of Third form (demon) Meedan, (Left) Lunar Kale, (Right) and a tiny little seahorse Nimbus in the middle.

Demon Meedan: Demons are said to have three forms: the first being their normal forms. The second, a human or humanesque form. And the third, something between the two, that has power beyond belief and usually a more feral look at thing. This third form is almost impossible to get to, however, which makes many believe that this form doesn't even exist. Meedan can't get to this form yet, and quite possibly never will, but I really wanted to draw it anyway. ^^

Lunar Kale (rewolth in it's lunar cycle) : A Rewloth is a sentient species that is called “Werewolf” in human mythology. Rewolths are not humans turned into beasts, as mythology believes, but small shape-shifting canines that are easily affected by the moon's cycle. They take the forms of the most dangerous/ powerful/ numerous beings on the planet on which they stand, as a means to protect and hide themselves. Other than that, their only means of protection is the moon, as their powers come from there. On clear nights where the moon is on it's brighter stages, they can turn into their Lunar forms, which are more powerful... On the full moon, however, contact with the moon's rays will cause an immediate change from their disguised forms to their lunar forms, which started the myth of “Werewolves” on Earth. Known Populations of Rewolths have dwindled and even vanished from the solar system, though no one is sure whether they have gone extinct, or if they have just dispersed and are now in hiding throughout the planets... All that is known is that Rewolths are a rare find, and that their furs are a precious clothing material.

If you haven't already guessed, Kale is a Rewolth ._.

Seahorse Nimbus: If Nimbus enters the world of Atlantica (Kingdom Hearts) in his humanesque form, he'll become a merman, but if he enters in his rabbit form, he'll become that seahorse. In that form, he's approximately the size of your fist, and is bioluminescent. (the shaded parts glow a faint blue-green)
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