With Her Last Breath Picture

Full body pictures are really time consuming. Anyways I've been writing a bit of Greek mythology, just putting my own spin on it with my characters. And it's something I always enjoy writing. But also drawing. This is based off a scene I wrote recently, though it needs to be proof read and edited to the moon and back, with Ashley. I just haven't given her a past name yet (it's actually really hard to come up with Greek names for them without stealing anyone's name from history). But for those who don't know, my favorite thing about Ashley and Tyler is just giving them tragic back stories. So obviously in their past lives, things did not end well for them.

It's pretty sloppy, I know. I just wanted to make her look dirty, bloody, and war torn. This piece I think is still a WIP mainly because I have enough room to draw another person (you can't see it in this file) and I'm debating if I want to do it or not. I'm leaning towards no because this shit took forever. But yes, because there's another (nameless) woman in this scene that fights side by side with her.

Greek Princess Ashley belongs to moi.
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