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Those aren't adoptables! Just some Naga characters who needed to be uploaded. Yeah, I now... I promised I won't do any new Naga characters for me, but... I'm bat at keeping promises like that and they developed during making adoptables, so don't blame me... Sometimes you just make adoptables you don't want to give away... xP

Some information about them, as usual. (^-^)b

Green Naga boy:
His name is Jivan, which is Hindi and means "life". He fully enjoys it and don't want to spend it with things he doesn't like (That's why Kanja does all the work). He's a moodmaker and likes to celebrate stuff the hard way, if you now, what I mean with that. xD He's also a rather lazy one, when it comes to duties and loves to play pranks on Kanja. He's a totally straight guy, but I imagining him sneaking up to Kanja and suddenly groping him somewhere and Kanja all like: "Go and fumble on yourself..." And Jivan like: "Haha, you should have seen your face!" (Yay, another pervy Naga! x3)

Blue Naga boy:
His name is Kanja, which is a Hindi name and means somethng like "born in water". I don't know, if he really was born in water, but he really likes it to be in it, to swim and to dive. He's also a rather caring one, definitely the one, who would do all kind of household chores like cooking or folding laundry. He's also a skillfull one. x3

White (Albino) Naga boy:
His name is Chandra which means something like "moon" and is also Hindi. In mythology it's the name of a lunar and fertility god and that's why I thought, that the folk of Naga maybe sees him, because of his albinism, as the reincarnation of their moon god. That's why he wears all this jewelry. His's not that confident and oftem seems a bit unshure. Things he really like are good music and to dance, celebrate and pomegranates.

Characters are all mine, don't copy them! °^°

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