Demonic Heights Picture

I took inspiration for this from the dark and gothic, as well as action packed worlds of Castlevania and Van Helsing to create this. I through in a little bit of Escher into it too, seen primary in the columns and bridges between the towers of this intricately detailed castle. It uses two separate points of gravity within it, one is for the vines, water and the hanging cages and the other for building structures and it creatures and inhabitants.

There are many iconic characters and mythological monsters from the franchises such as the typical zombies and bats. Or more specific ones like giant files or the Grim Reaper along with trusted minions Gaibon and Slogra, the flying humanoid appears in the distance as a blur. Finally Julius Belmont is present in the upper centre using the Grand Cross and Alucard makes an appearance on the far right fighting the monster, Legion.
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