Reigning Draconequus Picture

I had a head canon a while back that before Equestria was established, before the alicorn race ruled the land, Draconequi (not sure what the plural for draconequus is) were the ones who looked after the land and made the sun and moon rise and fall. The 12 most powerful beings were the 'gods' of the land (I wanted them to be named after the 12 olympians in roman/greek mythology) - they weren't all draconequi. Discord is descended from Eris, the greek goddess of chaos, who isn't an olympian but was still extremely powerful. Tirek and Scorpan are descended from Ares, the greek god of war.

This draconequus is representation of Iris, goddess of rainbows and divine messenger. She spends little time on the ground as she prefers to fly. Her small legs, very long tail and slight build are graceful in the air but make it hard for her to travel effectively by foot. She looks a bit too severe in this drawing admittedly, in my mind she's much more relaxed and playful. Her main coat colour is white but her hair and feathers are rainbow coloured (not quite as bright as RD's main though - you can only see the colours in certain lights and at certain angles). Her scaled underbelly is light brown and she wears gold bangles on her legs and tail.
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