Celtic Sailor Senshi Picture

Here are my current Celtic otaku senshi ^^
from left to right: Aodh's human form (he's actually a crow), Sailor Morrígan and Sailor Rhiannon
In this form Aodh tends to go with the name Ayden Crawford (Ayden = fire(same as Aodh), Crawford = crow river crossing)

Sailor Morrígan's civilian form is Raven Callaghan (Raven = the name of the bird, Callaghan = bright-headed/war, battle or strife)
in Irish Mythology Morrígan is the goddess of battle, and the cycle of death (amongst other things). She was often depicted as a crow and a shape shifter.

Sailor Rhiannon's civilian form is Gwen Marshall (Gwen = white, fair or blessed, Marshall = a marshal/ horse servant)
in Welsh Mythology Rhiannon was a goddess of fertility and horses, she was also the wife of Pywll

I'm currently working on powers for each of the characters, as well as working out their profiles.
hope you guys like them ^^

...I still hate drawing hands
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