Inktober Day 4- 'Sun' Tarot Picture

In order to post in the morning I put my nose to the grindstone and finished this one last night for Day 4 of Inktober.

Following the Tarot theme, this is the 'Sun'. Though the original cards feature a sun hovering above a baby riding a horse or a male and female child, other works illustrated the Greek god Apollo. I have always loved Greek mythology (being an 8th Greek myself) and decided to make a masked version of the god. He plays his signature Lyre beneath eclipsing sun symbols while adorned in a Wolf-like mask. The wolf was one of his 'Sacred Animals', though I also included a raven skull on his belt as it is also a symbol associated with him.

I loved how this one turned out so much I will start working on the 'Moon' next; my favorite Greek Goddess- Artemis!
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