'Pantheon' Concept Sketches Picture

First of all - yes, I know that the compositon of this picture is absolutely unholy. But it's a sketch dump, so I don't really care.

Well...I seem to have fallen into a habit of uploading something, going away for two weeks, coming back, spending 2 hours going through the 12 zillion updates I have from the various people I'm watching, and then I go and do it all over again. I'm dumb that way.

Anywho, more Egyptian mythology stuff. And it's not nearly as disgusting as the last one I did. I like Greek mythology and all, but I think other mythologies deserve some attention too. Egyptian was always my favorite. My idea was to write a graphic novel about the Egyptian gods called "Pantheon." Like everything else I plan on doing, it probably won't happen, but I am actually going to try this time.
Bes was originally the dwarf protector of pregnant women and babies. But that never made any sense to me - if he's very small and the god of babies, why isn't he a child? Why is he a dwarf? So I decided to make him an embryonic god. He's very wise, despite his appearance.
Aten was the sun disk. The sun, in Egyptian art, was always depicted with tons of outstretched arms, so I thought it would be cool if he was a bunch of bodies and arms connected together. He looks sort of Hindu this way, I think. That thing in the middle is an eye.
Horus was the son of Osiris (god of the dead), which is why he's part mummy. I thought it would be cool if he had swords strapped to his arms that could fan out to make wing shapes. You can't tell from this angle, but his "face" is actually a floating mask. He has no head. No, I have no idea why I did that.
Geb is the earth. Which is why he's made of rocks and oceans. My idea was that, if you saw him up close, you would see trees blowing in the wind, volcanoes erupting, rivers flower - just nature being alive. I think it would be really fun to see him in motion.
Bastet was the cat goddess of the sun and moon. The ring of blades behind her head is supposed to represent both the sun and a lion's mane, since she's a cat. Her sword hat (and Horus' wings) were inspired by the movie Immortals. The costumes in that movie are freaking INSANE.
Ptah was a creator god. His portraits in Egyptian art were supposed to make him look like a mummy, but for some reason, I always thought he looked like a statue, so that's how I drew him. Coincidentally, after I drew him, I found out that Ptah was also a god of stone-based art! That was cool. His body is basically a rocky shell that his body can break out of. So, I guess he's a stone mummy.
I know these look like crap (half of them aren't even really finished). But there ya go.
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