Odin's wife Frigga as she looks in my HTTYD saga Picture

This is how I designed the Head Goddess and wife of High God Odin of Norse Mythology Frigga looks in my HTTYD saga. There was no clear cut picture or description of how she looked. So this is what I came up with. A beautiful regal but motherly and loving woman. Shows slight signs of her very long life but still doesn't look frail, old or decrepit.

She's still very strong and beautiful wise loving woman. She only wishes the best for both God and Mortal, whether they be Living or Dead. She also overjoyed at the fact long last dragon souls can come to rest eternally in Valhalla as well given she was one of the first people to get to the Ceremony to open the Dragon Souls Sanctuary and gave Stoick, Boden and Kara the Valkyrie of Children their praise.

And she's got some things she wishes to say to the other Haddocks who she's kept her own eye on. So she's got a lot to tell Hiccup, Valka and Una and all their dragons as well! Especially Toothless and his new mate Moon Shadow! So let's see what is about to unfold shall we?
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