Lady Frigga of Asgard Picture

Lady Frigga of Asgard wife of Lord Odin. Head Goddess and pretty much one of the most motherly and loving woman ever. She's done quite a bit according to the Norse Mythology and she's done quite bit already in my HTTYD fanfic and will do a great deal more in the upcoming fifth story.

She's done a few noted things like she actually created Lover's Cove for Stoick and Valka which led to Hiccup's birth since they conceived him on their first wedding anniversary after finding the Cove.

She also created and protect Moon Shadow's Toothless's mate former home so she would one day find Toothless and play her own part in the ultimate destiny that the whole Haddock family and their dragons play.

For unknown to just about everyone Frigga made a prophecy called The Dragon Soul Prophecy that does talk about Hiccup and Toothless but it cannot be fulfilled without the help of their siblings and all their friends and allies.

So it does also account for Toothless's family his mate, his children, his own sister and brother Stardust and Nightrainbow. As it also involves Hiccup's brother and sister Boden and Una.

So everyone in the Haddock family and pretty much all those lives Hiccup and Toothless have touched are needed to fulfill this prophecy.

Lets see how it all plays out!
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