RotG OC: Q Picture

as an early Valentine's Day upload, i thought i'd post another RotG oc i had been working on. Behold: Q, the Guardian of Love.

Name: Quintus, 'Q'

Age: 813 (Human Age 21)

Personality: Good-Natured, Mischevious, and most of all Loving

Appearance: A fairy-human-bird hybrid like Toothiana, but modeled on a Major Mitchell's Cockatoo… and feathered wings in the shape of butterfly wings (like Anteroe of mythology

Occupation: Guardian of Childhood

Center: Love

Goal: To spread love to all the children of the world and to love your enemies as well as your friends.


- Bunnymund (Ally)
- Sandman (Close Friend, as sometimes we dream of loved ones as well)
- Tooth Fairy (Friend)
- Nicholas St. North or Santa Claus (Close Friend)
- Jack Frost (Friend)
- Pitch (Enemy)
- Tabitha Twitch (Partner-In-Crime, as he likes to pull pranks as well)

Home: Greece

Pet(s): Cherubs; little mini versions of him like Tooth

Likes: Valentine's Day, Sweet things (like Sweet Tarts and especially Chocolates), Daydreaming, Butterfiles (as they remind him of Evie), and Writing love songs and poetry

Dislikes: Being bored, Unrequited Love, Pitch

Weapon/s: Bow and Arrow. Some arrows spread love, while others are used to right wrongs and to fight Pitch's NightMares

Quote: "I just LOOOOOOOOOve my job!"

Bio: Quintus was a young man in love. He was about to propose to his girlfriend, Evie, when she died in an accident when her horse was spooked. Filled with sorrow, he felt the only thing to do would to kill himself. So, he went to the spot where his love had died and threw himself off the roadside cliff towards the rocky shore below. However, he was saved by MiM (the Man in the Moon and was told that Evie was at peace) and proposed that instead of ending his life he should spread the love he had given her to others around the world. Realizing he had another chance in life, Quintus excepted MiM's offer to become a Guardian of Childhood known as Q, the Guardian of Love.

Voice: Zac Efron or Josh Hutcherson

hope you guys like this one. was inspired by
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