Odin and Frigga Picture

Odin and Frigga head god and goddess of Norse Mythology as how they appear in my HTTYD fanfics. The whole Haddock family Stoick, Valka, Hiccup, Boden and Una have met Odin. Odin even gave Stoick and Boden titles and jobs in Valhalla. Making Stoick Chief of the Village of Valhalla and Boden Keeper and Trainer of the Dragon Souls! And Odin personally thanked Hiccup for his part in saving the whole damn universe! And he helped play a part in Una's rebirth.

Stoick and Boden have met and been kissed by Odin's wife and head goddess Frigga. And Hiccup, Una and Valka will be meeting Frigga as well. As she's got to explain some of Moon Shadow who is Toothless's mate past to them and why its very important that Moon Shadow and Toothless's eggs hatch and what it means to the future.

So it will be quite a strange but special day when the Head God and Goddess come to Berk themselves to speak personally with Hiccup and his family!
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