Love Meme Picture

Each from a different fandom. Anatomy is ups and downs here because most of these were done in separate sessions.

Watching: Mistoffelees X Victoria from "Cats"
It's been a while since I've drawn Cats, and I'm glad to say that my technique is improved. I will go down with this ship, so don't even try to shake me.

A Hug: Human!Marlin X Human!Dory from "Finding Nemo"
Even without a romantic relationship, I still love these two together in any scenario.

Rub rub: Schroeder X Lucy from "Peanuts"
I really had a hard time thinking of something for this panel, and even still the anatomy sucks tush. But I still love the pairing, so shoot me.

Holding Up in Your Arms: Hermes X Iris from Greek mythology
FAVE pairing from the myths even though it's not quite canon, but a girl can dream!

Kiss: Guy X Faye from "That Thing You Do!"
Okay, so this is officially my first (of many) fanart for my new second favorite movie, That Thing You Do! Seriously, if you have yet to see this movie, DO IT. NAO. Your life shall be changed. Anyway, this is a quick cartoon-y version of Guy and Faye's kiss at the end of the movie (BEST MOVIE KISS EVER!)

Pushing Someone Down: Clint X Natasha from Marvel/"The Avengers"
From my new absolute favorite movie! CLINTASHA FOREVER, DON'T DENY IT! Clint is Brainwashed!Clint in this doodle, in case you can't tell.

Loving Too Much: Discord X Celestia from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"
I cannot tell you how much headcanon I have reserved for these two. I LURV them. This doodle takes place after Discord is defeated for the first time, but before Luna is sent to the moon (hence Tia's "in between" hair).

Being Loved Too Much: Poison Ivy X Harley Quinn from "Batman"
I still love these two. Even though I sucked tremendously on Harley's anatomy. Basically Ivy's getting upset because Harley keeps running back to a man who clearly doesn't care about her the way she thinks he does, and Harley is conflicted.

Lastly...: Bert X Mary from "Mary Poppins"
Ever since I went to go see the stage version, I have yet to get these two out of my head! This doodle is based on one of the (many) sad ending scenes of the stage production, where Mary has to say goodbye (
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