Amirabelle Picture

Okay so this is my character Amirabelle for midwitch. Yes I am still working on her application pose, but this was a sketch that was too good to resist!
but then after sketching and scanning, I was feeling waay lazy and decided to just edit the original scan by coloring stuff that should be emphasized- Hence this peice of junk.... Tada!

I'll probably redo the concept that I am trying to display in this picture several times.

Soo most of the time, Amirabelle wears those enchanted headphones... Cuz they are her homeade solution to her everyday problem. (the enchantment on the school, also fixes this problem)

Because she is the decendant of the siren Ligeia ('bright voice or light voiced' idunno) her voice is rather distracting (by distracting I mean enchanting and possibly dangerous plus, if that didn't do anything, her eyes go bright when she sings). She wears the bespelled headphones to restrain her powers.
QUESTION: what do headphones have to do with your voice?

ANSWER: your sinuses connect your throat, ears and eyes, so your ears are an indirect route to your throat and your vocal cords.

QUESTION: whats up with the wings? Aren't sirens sea nymphs?

ANSWER: Sirens were originally refered to in greek mythology as bird women, part bird part woman. (the how much woman and how much bird, varied from tale to tale.) So these bird women were originally companions of Pherosphone. (please excuse my spelling) Then when pherosphone was whisked away by hades and tricked into being stuck in the underworld (only allowed to leave in the spring- hence her position as godess of spring) the sirens were left all on their lonesome. They wished to hold onto their gifts of song and flight (I think pherosphone gave them that originally, correct me if I am wrong) So some other god (I dont remember which, maby it was demeter) said they'd grant them those powers.
OOKay so then continuing with this history lesson, everybody knows they brought sailors to their death with their tempting voices, but what happened? Do they die??
---Some say they die when someone defeats them (aka someone hears their song but still escapes and lives?) So someone did defeat them, some peoples on an expedition took the wonderous orpheous with them who out shone the sirens with his musical ability and got the crew safely through the danger.
----Others say that they lost purpose when they were defeated by the muses in a battle of musical talent. Supposedly the muses clipped their wings and left them.
Soo if sirens did exist they wouldn't have their wings.... i think... So the wings here are just meant to be symbolic, they don't do anything but sit there and look pretty for a couple of seconds when she takes her headphones off.. kinda symbolizing the difference.

QUESTION: Sooo what interpretation of the legend are you suggesting by making up this character?

ANSWER:well, my thought was that, after they lost the battle of the bands with the muses, they would have gone to earth, taking mortal lovers and having children with their gift and with human complexion , but with scars on their back, forever etched by the muses.

QUESTION: why is the backround dark? whats with the moon?

ANSWER: well its night duh... why'd I pick night? to emphasize the glowing!!! bwahahaha.. BTW Amirabelles hair is brown, I was just too lazy to color it, and it typically has kinda pink highlights, but I felt like drawing green. Green and pink are kinda her main colors. If you have any more questions to ask about this preposterous pic of amirabelle then ask
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