The Two Brothers Picture

"Hush now, for it was foretold by the Norsemen ages ago. The wolves Haiti and Sköll chase the sun and the moon across the heavens each day, but it shall not always be so. The time of the Ragnarok will come, the time of the Gotterdammerung, when the world shall be plunged into a winter as it has never known. This is the Fimbulvetr. There shall be three such endless winters, winters of unspeakable cold that will freeze the hearts of men and gods alike, for this is the beginning of the end. The wolf Sköll shall devour the sun and his brother Haiti , the moon. The world will know no light. Yet, there is a wolf still more terrible, and he is called Fenrir."

Mhmm, Christian mythology is not enough to satisfy me for THaB, so I felt the need to include Norse.

Haiti, Sköll, Art THaB © Kodelaine
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