Lake of Blood Picture

This L'Aurum, an OC of mine from my novel called Delirium. If you speak hungarian, you can give a try reading it ;D
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She's an angel who has to struggle with multiple mental illnesses, but fails the fight and gets outer enemies nex to her inner 'demons'. Before the mental breakdown she used to be kind, lovely and sociable so that's how angels usually are, and her best friend was Althea. However Althea got lied into betraying her best friend (Althea knew about L'Aurum's illness and wanted to get a cure but at that point she seemed too naive and trusted ones she shouldn't have...) so this angel lost even the smallest piece of sanity.

In this picture I drew her in a bloody lake - lakes have mystic meaning, in mythology, they're usually said as portals between our world and otherworld. ~

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