What is this white and yellow thing...? Picture

I got my first BJD \o/
He (Because YES it's a boy u___u) is so cute and adorable!
I took a few photos but I didn't have my camera so I took them with my phone... sorry for the bad quality...
But I received it today and I was so exited, I just couldn't do anything but take photos ^^ so here it is

He doesn't have a name yet, I'm still thinking about it, but I would like to name him from the Scandinavian mythology...
... Màni, God of the moon?
...Ràn, Goddess of death (for the sailors)?
...Hati, the wolf which will kill Màni?

I don't know T_T

... Or a japanese name?
... Or a fantasy name?

I still don't know >A<

Photo by me (with a bad camera, yeah~)
Clothes and Wig: Luts BJD
Doll: Kid Delf Boy (Luts BJD)
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