AmbriX Solar System Picture

Like the title says, I finally mustered the courage to make my own planet system xD

I've put aside the planets of the Wnx (except Solaria, because that's where Amber's from) and came up with my own planets, so yeah that's why you don't see the others. I've put earth with them, since it's.. I dunno, our planet XD

I put the names with them so you don't have to guess. I'll explain them one by one (No Solaria and Earth);
Solaria: Birthplanet of Amber and Danielle

Gelus Anima: An ice planet. Birthplanet of Dahlia. It's a small planet next to the Earth and has 2 moons: Ullr (Norse God of Winter, Hunt and Duel) and Skadi (Norse Goddess of Winter).
He's ruled by an Emperor named after the Norse god Forseti; God of justice, peace and truth. He had taken over from his father (Höðr, Norse god of Winter and Darkness) who was killed by his councilman Darius. Darius was locked up and was stripped of his powers, he was sentenced to lifelong prison.

Lympha: One of the biggest water/rock planets in the solar system. Birthplanet of Cealia. She's got 4 moons, which drift on the rings, who are called Máni (Norse God of Moon), Kvasir (Norse God of Inspiration),
Njörður (Norse God of the Sea, Wind, Fish and Wealth) and Rán (Goddess of the Sea). She is ruled by 4 kings in honer of the 4 moons: Aegir (Consort of Rán), Magni (Son of Thor), Hoenir (The Silent God) and Dagur (Son of Delling and Nótt).

Ignis: Planet of lava, fire and stones. Birthplanet of Lea. Ruled by only a queen: Hestia (Greek Goddess of Home, Domesticity and Family). She has several consorts living on the 6 moons that the planet has; Athena (Greek Goddess of Intelligence, Skill and Peace), Hephaestus (God of Fire, Metals and Crafts), Aether (Greek
God of the Upper Atmosphere and Light), Ananke (Greek Goddess of Inevitability, Compulsion, and Necessity), Nyx (Greek Goddess of Night) and Hemera (Greek Goddess of Day).

Cantus Melos: Very small music oriented planet and is strangely drawn to Technicae. Birthplanet of Dannah. Has one moon: Dionysus(Greek God of Parties and Wine). It is ruled by an Empress: Phoebe (Titaness of the "bright" Intellect and Prophecy). The planet mostly consists of forests of green, brown and purple color. Through there are big water sources.

Technicae: Big metal/iron like planet with a slight growth of forest trees. Birthplanet of Céleste. Has no moons and has a council of 6 men and 4 women who rule the planet. The council is split in half, one on each side of the planet; nature and technology.

So yeah, I put some thought into this xD
I hope you guys understand it owo

Most names are from Greek and Norse Mythology because I really like the stories behind each god and goddess.

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