Guardian Sailor Lupus Picture

"Guardian Sailor Lupus, Soldier of the Wolves, protector of the planet Cthonia, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Moon Wolf."

In an adjacent galaxy, there lies the Imperium of Man, a pan-galactic theocratic empire with humanity as its dominant species. It consists of many different worlds and cultures, and it is where the Star Warriors receive a large number of their recruits. Amongst that number is a Senshi who looks like a savage yet is truly one of the noblest and finest Star Warriors to have ever lived.

Meet Ulva Ateraddon, also known as Guardian Sailor Lupus.

Cthonia is a world close to Terra, capital world of the Imperium of Man in a galaxy adjacent to ours. It is a bleak, industrial world, yet is one of the most famous planets in the known universe, for it is the home of one of the mightiest legions of superhuman warriors in the galaxy: the Luna Wolves.

Ulva herself is a descendant of one of these Luna Wolves, for she shares her last name with a warrior who joined that legion at a young age.

In her childhood, Ulva was known for being very hot-headed and wolfish in nature, hence her name, for it means "fierce she-wolf", even though it is an ancient Terran name, not Cthonian. Regardless, Ulva grew to be a beautiful yet tough woman, but she displayed uncommon love and compassion in addition to her practical seriousness. She proved to be an ideal candidate for the Sailor Warriors and became one of their fiercest recruits, learning everything she taught with all the feral hunger of a she-wolf. She eventually took on a nickname long before her rise to the Star Warriors: the Moon Wolf.
As a Sailor Warrior, Ulva chose to base her style on that of her homeworld's legion, the Luna Wolves. She adopted their colors (black and white), their emblem (a black wolf's head over a crescent moon), and even wears a wolf pelt around her uniform. She is known amongst the Sailor Warriors as being one of their fiercest and most savage fighters, always fighting up close with mechanical claw and sword. Yet she is an honorable and moral woman, not some bloody savage. Time and again she proven herself to have great leadership qualities yet time and again she has declined the offer of advancement, preferring to remain beside her "pack-sisters"- her fellow Senshi- as a Guardian Senshi. She shows great humility and love for others, and nothing but feral rage for her foes.

Weapons and Items

Moonblade- one of her two Attack Items, Moonblade is a fine, single-edged blade forged from a rare metal found only on Luna, Terra's single satellite moon. The metal, gleaming white and crystal-clear, is nevertheless a very robust material, forged into a form of steel that is light, airy, and extremely sharp. Whenever unsheathed, it seems to glow with the inner light of the moon, hence its name.

Wolf's Claws- her second Attack Item, it takes the form of a large mechanical claw that has double the claw. The fingers are shaped into flesh-rending talons, and above them an additional four blades are included, bringing a total of nine sharp digits for her to use. All nine are imbued with disruptive energies due to advanced technologies built within the gauntlet, making them extremely deadly.

Wolf emblem- her Transformation Item is the Luna Wolves' symbol of a black wolf's head over a crescent moon. It is unique in that for every single item of all Imperium-based Star Warriors, only one phrase needs to be said: Imperator Aegis. The Shield of the Emperor. Once that is uttered, her transformation begins and she will begin to smite the Emperor's foes anew.

Known attacks

Moonwave- conjured from her sword, Moonwave takes in the light of the moon and shines it down upon the earth in a blinding light. While allies will only be temporarily blinded, the light can instantly burn all enemies caught within to a cinder. Moonwave, however, is handicapped by its need of having a moon shining above in the night sky; if there is no moon, the attack cannot be summoned.

Wolf Talons- this attack uses her other Attack Item. The sharp digits of Wolf's Claws gleam with shining light and can slash through any material. It also causes Ulva herself to move extremely fast, making her almost impossible to see.

Night of the Wolf- her most powerful attack, it requires the moon as well. But this one is based from the ancient mythology of werewolves, and it is made real. For the attack can transform Ulva into a savage beast, and this attack actually grows in power based on the four phases of the moon. If it is a waning moon, the attack is at its weakest. If in a waxing moon, the attack grows stronger, and is at its strongest underneath either a full or crescent moon. The effect is instantaneous: Ulva will grow wolfish fangs, have a heightened sense of hearing and smell, and will have the strength and agility of twenty wolves. Yet for all her changed appearance, she will still look human and still retain all of her intelligence and higher brain functions. She is not a ravenous beast once this attack is summoned.

Another Imperial Sailor Senshi, based from the Luna Wolves but also added a little Space Wolf in the mix. Guardian Sailor Lupus. She'll also be in my Two Worlds Collide fanfic. Enjoy.
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