Queen Mab - Clean Sketch Picture

A clean sketch for class as well as for my D&D setting, this is Queen Mab, the Unseelie queen of the fairies. Otherwise known as the "Queen of Air and Darkness". I may come back and finish this picture if I find time, but I also like it as it is hehe.

She is one of the three Great Fairy sources for the Warlock class in my game setting, the other two being Titania and Oberon. In her original mythology she's usually depicted as borderline Neutral Evil. I prefer her more traditionalist attitude, where she can seem evil, but it's much more grey, Neutral. In most versions of her story she is either Titania's older sister or claimed to be /replaced by Titania. I prefer her other version where she's the original queen and lost control to Titania because the Fey and humans preferred Titania and the Seelie court's leniency.

Queen Mab is the queen of the Unseelie court of dark fairies, shadow fey, pixies, and the old ways of nature and magic. Hers is the way of promises and vows, especially to the ancient systems and rules of magic no matter how contrived or alien they existed for a reason. For instance despite being the one who began the courts for the safety of the Fey and humans who supported them, she's also the one who formed the first hags and other detrimental creatures for various reasons. She has companions who act as her extensions of power as well as her cabinet including: The Moon Lord, her sister The Lady of The Lake, Vivian, The River King, the Stone Lord, etc. Mab herself sees to always be busy, and is a reclusive, solitary individual of dark and elegance.

For Warlocks in my setting she is the patron of: Unseelie Fey, black magic, promises, vows, air, and night. "Never break a promise." Serving her as a Warlock requires you to follow somewhat strict doctrines, be a human go-between for Fey and humans, and handle those who would dare break her rules or vows.
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