The Queen of the Night Picture

Get ready for a rant.

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For the rest of you:


So, this is my edition of the Queen of the Night, from "The Magic Flute", my favourite opera, with music by W. A. Mozart and libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder. Schikaneder does not have a genius to match that of Mozart, but his text is none the less filled with humour and a profound knowledge of life (at least in my opinion).

I am especially fascinated by the two opposing deities, that seem to be each others polar opposites, and of whom more questions seemed to be raised than are answered. I speak of the Queen of the Night and Sarastro. Whether they are indeed deities or not is never quite clarified (and there are mentions of Isis and Osiris, which hint at egyptian mythology) but they seem to be revered as such.

When I did this lineart I had to give much thought as to who and what the Queen of the Night is. There are many references to Ancient Egypt, so I tried to incorporate that somewhat. She is emotional, passionate and vengeful, whereas Sarastro is calm, collected, wise and gentle (feminists, by the way, are recommended not to read the text without baring in mind; 1. the times were different then, 2. not all the women are bad, and not all the men are good in the story). She lives in the mountains, and he in a nearby valley. She possesses the moon and he the sun (which she thinks rightfully belong to her). So I really wanted to portray her as an organic being, with a glimpse of her nighttime garden shown in her cape, whereas Sarastro is everything symmetrical and inorganic. I added a lot of mystical symbols and stuff like that on the door into Sarastro's temple.

I have no plans of colouring this anytime soon. Partly because I am going through an artblock with regards to colouring, and partly because my wrists are aching big time.

I have no clue how much time I spend on this, but it was done in the period March 29th to April 1st.
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