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~Legend of Akagetsu~

From the ancient "Unification" vampire scrolls, this is the legend of Akagetsu, the Red Moon warrior - a 6,000 years female vampire from the ShadoGal clan. Sister of Sethalus [link] (the primal princess), and Mai [link] (the youngest), Akagetsu is the second daughter of Fay, the mythological queen of the immortal "Ancients".

Feared, admired and envied by vampires, Fay and her four daughters are believed to be the true ancestors of the vampire race - the last of the "Ancients" descendants. Born with fixed wings and unable to shape-shift into bats, the Ancients are quite different from what we now know as vampires. They are unaffected by sunlight and can eat the same food as humans. Blood cravings are many times less severe comparing to vampires, but is still essential for survival.

In the same way a vampire can outlive humans by generations, an Ancient will outlive a vampire in a much larger scale. An Ancient will also outperform vampires in both physical strength and supernatural abilities. Chances are that both humans and vampires have originally descended from them, probably making them the "lost link" humanity has searched for centuries.

Except for the fixed bat wings on their backs, the so-called Ancients look pretty much like a regular vampire (fangs and pointy ears), but that's where the similarities end. Ancients can reproduce - something vampires are basically incapable of. Female Ancients produce a unique pheromone that makes possible to have intercourse with vampires and humans - although the latter may not survive the process. Vampires are therefore better candidates, but despite of the special pheromones, most of them are sterile by nature.

With such a difficult reproduction, over time the Ancients became fewer and mostly female because of natural selection. It is quite difficult to disguise themselves among either humans or vampires because of their blatant bat wings and also because of differences in lifestyle, so they prefer to live in isolation.

Like Mai, Akagetsu was also born in Japan and they both share this love for having human companions. In her perspective, vampires are like animals who need to kill humans in order to feed. She will protect the human weaklings whenever possible because they are so helpless and have this rather brief life span. But being God-like to vampires, humans are extremely fragile in comparison and have to be handled with care, or else they can be accidentally harmed or even killed.

So this is the legend of Akagetsu, the second princess of the Fay dynasty. To make this short, this is all I am going to reveal about her. If you want to learn more about my vampire series, you can check it here:

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