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The vehicles, or mounts, of Hindu deities are called vāhana. The vāhana of the Navagraha (Called the nine influencers in Hindu astrology that embody a planet each) are mostly animals. The vāhana of the Lunar God and Lord of Night Chandra, whose chariot is the moon, is the Blackbuck Antelope: [link]

Krishna Jinka is Chandra's first and oldest vāhana. Krishna Jinka pulled the moon across the sky for the Lord of the Night; when the gilded ornaments of his hooves cracked together, they sent sparks of light into the night sky that became stars. He also had a great lust for beautiful women. When women of the villages walked beneath the beautiful, full white moon and the glittering stars of night, Krishna Jinka would appear to them as a handsome, dark skinned man with white markings and seduce them. His weakness to the flesh often diverted him from his duties, and eventually Chandra forbade him from walking in the mortal world unless he took the form of an antelope.

The children born to Krishna Jinka's mortal lovers were devas, or demi-gods, as they were half human. They possess only some animal features, and cannot retain their antelope forms long enough to serve as vāhana. However, being children of a vāhana meant that they were still servants of the Navagraha. Jinka's children, like other devs, served them in various ways; many of them found great pleasure and skill in being concubines, influenced perhaps by their father's lustful ways.

The last child Krishna Jinka sired was his most beautiful, born to a princess under a high full moon in a bed of wet, dew covered grass. He name him Kairavi, or "moonlight", as his eyes and hair shone with lunar radiance. He gilded his horns with the stars and gave him a cloak spun of the night sky.


So I was doodling last night and a squiggly line became a sketch of a satyr-like character who then, after some obsessive research and design tweaking, turned into this. Everything written above is of my own creation save for the first paragraph, which is the Hindu mythology off which I based this character. I've never been really into Hindu mythos or animal based characters, but this guy came out of nowhere and I really liked him. I read about the vāhana, Chandra, and Krishna Jinka and it all seemed to fit well for the basic concept I had for Kairavi.

Ravi, as said above, is the youngest of his many siblings, probably less than 2000 years old. He has great knowledge of the body, both as a warrior and a concubine and courtesan, skilled as much in pleasure as he is pain. He is pansexual and has a carnal thirst definitely inherited from his father.

As a young deva though, Ravi is pretty immature. He's playful, light-hearted, friendly, and mischievous. He enjoys dancing, playing practical jokes, flirting, and music, and can be quite naive and trusting.

I must do something with this guy. What, I have no idea. But this is the first original concept I've just really fallen in love with in a long time <3

Disclaimer: If I got any Hindu lore wrong or made up something for lore that may already exist, excuse me and please tell me. I'd love to know more and am still researching.
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