White Witch - Happy Halloween Picture


Here's Kanna! the Goddess of Witches.... well she will be when her mother steps down for kanna to assume the throne.

She's an original character I designed for a fanfiction story from WHR. Her powers, personality and looks were based on a few things.

Since she is the reincarnate of the four moon goddesses (4 phases of the moon) from the wicca mythology I had to make up a neutral design while still obtaining some resemblance to her parents Amon and Robin from the fanfiction. I failed miserably at that part. So the representitive color of the moon is silver, hence her hair is silver and her outfit is white for purity.

When it came to her powers I designed them after the psyhic pokemon Mewtwo for powers of the mind, a character my friend made name Ruia for powers of the heart, and her creator who's own role in our RPG is a time keeper, so the power of time was added. While she is a Wicca based character I think; her spiritual powers range in all religions and spiritualities, so the irony is that all of them work together, where normally religions try and compete for domination hence making one powerful little girl. Hmm Harmony among religions. I TRULEY WISH!!!!

Her name 'Kanna' comes from inuyasha, but her persoanlity is the oppostie of all those angsty characters that make her up. She's light, fluffy and likes to put things in perspective. Shesee's the wolrdthrough a child's eyes yet is grown up when it comes to her reasoning. She's against wars, fighting and all those nasty things that would set the rest of us apart and cause us to fight.

She's definitly someone you'd want to be friends with and she is always wanting to make a difference. She may be six, she may be a dea, she may be a witch but she truely is a little angel!

The background took quite a while to do, it's compased of many differnt techniques. Thecircle kanna is standing on which also represents the Moon goddess, took me forever, still criticle of that. the runes spell nothing, I was just playing around though I probably shoul've had them spell something of another religion to to prove my point of her powers.

I went out of my way and tried some differnt techniques when I created kanna this time like changing her outline color. That's a first for me in drawing people. I was going to add a cat or a pumpkin but the picture was busy enough as it is.

I almost wish I could post this on Harry's but I can't because she's an OC for a fanfiction and there's no rep of WHR on here! oh well. I'm a comment whore, what can I say! Tell me what you think!

To read the story adorable little Kanna is in, go here and please review! [link]
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