Atoa Dex Anutue Picture

Name: Anutue
Type: Steel/Dark
Ability: Reflector/Cursed Body
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Dark Statue Pokemon
Entry: Legends say this Pokemon came into existence after a dark ritual on a moonless night brought a metal statuette to life. The jewels on its collar gather power from the moon’s light and allow it to use psychic powers, and it uses this power to speak telepathically with humans it bonds with or attack enemies that threaten it or its friends. It also communicates with a series of low rumbles inaudible to the human ear.
Hp Stat: 2/5
Atk. Stat: 2/5
Def. Stat: 2/5
Spc. Atk. Stat: 2/5
Spc. Def. Stat: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Possible Attacks: Dark Pulse, Hyper Voice, Iron Head, Assist, Curse, Embargo

This guy was the first Atoa Pokemon I ever drew, if I remember correctly... This is Anutue, and, just like Rradgling, it has its roots in Egyptian mythology as well. Also, it's the first of my fan-made Pokemon to have an ability from the most recent generation of the Pokemon series. And with the other option for an ability, an ability that discourages special attacks... It's quite defensive. Anyways, I created this guy, but I don't own Pokemon in any way. Enjoy!
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