Sailor Sol WIP Picture

So, yea, I was looking at mythology and I based her on Apollo but named her Sailor Sol for another reason. Her abilities are light (NOT sunlight, just light) and healing. She appears after SuperS (there was a trigger there, you'll learn eventually).

She's supposed to mimic Super Sailor Moon (for another reason) but it's NOT the same. Just appearances are similar. I chose a diamond instead of the classic sun/circle because I wanted to be different and something along the lines of connectivity (all sides equal, touch each other, blah, blah).

She might end up like Tuxedo Mask in the first season (90s anime) of which she's not aware of being a sailor senshi. Not set in stone, though. Still thinking about it.

I thought of making her linked to Saturn momentarily but decided against it, just didn't really fit with my ideas for her.

And so that she's not so Mary Sue-ish (even though right now, she looks like one but again, she's SUPPOSED to mimic Super Sailor Moon for a reason that you will find out eventually), she is not a reincarnation. That's all I'll say on that because if I go on, I'll reveal too much.
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