2403 - Angrboda Picture

This child just caught hold of my inner mythology nerd and I ran with it. This filly's namesake is a Jotun (frost giantess) from Norse mythology. Highly recommend you read up on it. Cool stuff right there. Sire belongs to Flamestorm11 Dam belongs to Winzer

*** DESIGN NOTES: The Overo is contained in the Dotted Sooty. The facial and leg markings are just a blaze and some socks, NOT the overo. ***

ID: 2403
Name: Angrboda
Breed: EquusBallator
Type: Light/Heavy Mix Mountain
Gender: Mare

EE aa Rr Zz nO nDs
Phenotype: Silver Dotted Sooty Blue Roan Overo with Countershading
Rarity: 11 (Medium)
Roan +1
Overo +1
Silver +1
Dotted Sooty +2
Pastel Horn Color +2
Spiraled head set +1, spined +2

1204 King of the Red Moon
Dam: 1820 | Praline
Breeding Note: equusballator.deviantart.com/n…


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown

------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: 1204 King of the Red Moon
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: B-078 Rex Fulminis
----------------- DS: ID 799 Canis
------------------------------------------ DSD: B-156 Domina Litori
Dam: 1357 | Aphrodite | Reference
------------------------------------------ DDS: 137 WWS's Flilius a Tempestate
----------------- DD: 1124 Seeker of Truth
------------------------------------------ DDD: 145 WWS's Absconsionem a turbine et in umbra

Lineage from DSS:
J-027 Nigrum Glacies (Link Lost)
DSSD: 896 Suavis Flos
--- DSSDS: A000 Castle's Julius
--- DSSDD: Mystery Mare

Lineage from DSD:

DSDS: E-013 Viperae Morsum SOLD
DSDD: Omnia ID

Lineage from DDS:
DDSS: 068 CCR's Aestate Tempestas Lorem
DDSD: 125 WWS's Somnium Pandora
--- DDSDS: 133 WWS's Et Argentum Vontum Est Somnium
------ DDSDSS: B-398 Gaudens Corvum
--------- DDSDSSS: 757 Quis iudex
--------- DDSDSSD: B277 Solani SOLD
------------ DDSDSSDS: F-311 Aurea et Ventus SOLD
------------ DDSDSSDD: Canticum (Link & ID Lost)
------ DDSDSD: B-351 Tempestas Ortus
--- DDSDD: Inimicus Meus
------ DDSDDS: Solus Luctus Atrox
------ DDSDDD: NGS Diligo Hostem
--------- DDSDDDS: NGS Tempus Mirabile (Wonderful Time)
--------- DDSDDDD: Aeternae Pulchritudinis (Link & ID Lost)

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