Fenrir Picture

The great destroyer, Fenrir, bound by the unlikely silken cord, Gleipnir, and anchored into the earth by the stones Gjöll and Thviti. It is here that the froth of blood and spittle from his wounded maw begets the river Ván.

Second in my current mythology project, following his sister, Hela (found here). This one is probably going to be one of the more personally significant pieces for me, and I greatly enjoyed the process. I wanted to show Fenrir defiant in his binding, refusing to surrender despite his predicament. Rather than the more typical sword-between-the-jaws, I opted to drive the point of the blade through the lower jaw.

As with the other companion pieces, this is done on 14x11" paper, in #2 mechanical pencils with beat-up ol' paint brush shading, and PITT artist pens in black and sepia. The bluing/greying of the image from the camera flash actually works well on this piece, enhancing the night-sky effect I was going for. Very satisfied with the result.
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