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Hi This is sashun08, i learned that there are lots of reactions about this Tabanata Cards. Not only ss and nh but of course to sh and ns. I read some comments that some of you think that if jap and chinese versions exist and others said that ichiro's theories are all "fakes" or "just fan service". I hate to say this but even NS fans also posted negative comments about this theory. When i read their comments in their forum sites, she/he says "i like the writer's analysis but far fetched. He must be desperate to lead infos into ns/sh".

Honestly, i like his theory because he stated jap mythologies, and other informations all about Tabanata/ Star Festivals and of course, it's so fun to read. Like you guys, I never thought that there are two versions in the story.

Yes, this is fan service and yes, this is his theories but try to respect the person from japan who post his research here in my DA account. Remember, this is Deviantart, not Naruto Couples Forum Sites.

God bless you all.


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I was informed by a friend here in DA to explain about these Tabanata cards found in wiki couples. All i can see in these cards that there are hints of Narusaku, naruhina, Sasusaku and sasuhina. These four are well-known (or popular) characters in japan when it comes to pairings. Let's see:

* CHAKRA LEVELS: Notice the chakra levels of naruto (17), sasuke (25), sakura (18) and hinata (26). It does seem that Hinata is associated with the number 8, as i stated in sashun08's journal that hinata (Team 8 member) is associated in japanese mythology as Kushinada-hime, the eight and the last princess who was saved by Susanoo-no-mikoto from 8-headed snake (Yamanata-no-orochi). Sasuke (Former Team 7) is also associated in myth as Susanoo (God of storm & the seas) who has a weapon of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi ("Grass Cutting Sword") given from Orochimaru and of course, he represented as Crescent moon (also coincidence that the shape of kusanagi is like a Scythe as all know that it is use in cutting the grass) where crescent moon appear every 7th day of the month). Naruto's chakra is 17, while sakura's chakra is 18 so when you add up naruto’s chakra number will give you the result of 8 like Hinata, representing as a a sun number but deducting 8 with 1 will get you number 7 like sasuke, representing as a moon. So that means, both naruto represents as number 8 or 7, sasuke represents as number 7, hinata represents as number 8 and sakura probably represents as 7. It's coincidence for sakura because well...aside of being Team 7... in chinese folklore, Zhinu (Orihime) is the 7th daughter of the Sky King.

* TITLES: Naruto entitled as "The first star of midsummer" (also known as the first star (Altair) on July7; in short "Hikoboshi"), hinata entitled as "Tabanata version", sasuke entitled as "Tsukuyomi Illusion", and sakura entitled as "Orihime Prayer". Naruto and sakura represent themselves as Hikoboshi (Niulang) and Orihime (Zhinu) based from the original chinese folklore "The Weaving Princess and the Cow Herder Star". Hinata is "Tabanata version" so that means, there are two different versions they made. The story of the original tabanata where Orihime, the Sky King Daughter, was arranged to marry Hikoboshi. They knew each other because they both lived and worked on the other side of the Amanogawa. And you know that Amanogawa ("river of heaven") has a pink flower (another type of sakura) that planted in Arakawa River, near Tokyo known as "Prunus Amanogawa" (Japanese Flowering Cherry). The other version is the farmer named Mikeran who found a hagoromo ("robe of feathers") in the fields, until he realized the robe was belonged to a Goddess named Tabanata. Desire to have or use her power, he hid the robe and lied to the goddess so that she's unable to go back in the heaven and force to live with him. Hagoromo also linked to "Hagoromo densetsu" (in one example recorded in the Omi-no-kuni Fudoki tells of a man who instructs his dog to steal the hagoromo of eight heavenly maidens while they were bathing, forcing one of them to become his bride). Sasuke is "Tsukuyomi Illusion" and we know that Tsukuyomi is the god of moon in jap mythology. So this means, Hinata and Sasuke represent themselves as "Tabanata and Mikeran" in Tabanata jap version.

Weaving princess & the Cow Herder
Tabanata version 2:…
Hagoromo Densetsu :…

* DRESS-UP: The chinese version of Tabanata stated that the Orihime (Zhinu) wore pink or red (royal color for the princess) cloths while Hikoboshi (Niulang) wore green cloths. The japanese version stated that the Goddess Tabanata wore red or light blue (symbolizes that she is the sky goddess) and Mikeran wore blue and violet (the color for power). The beaded necklace or "nenju" ("Thought beads") used as a japanese rosary to pray for the gods. Each beads represent the "sins of man" or earthly desires. The large bead is "magatama" owned by the Amaterasu (Sun Goddess).

* According to folklore, Orihime and Hikoboshi: When the two met, instantly they fell in love with each other and married shortly thereafter. But the story didn't stated if they have children so this is the picture what they actually wear (without children):


Tabanata and Mikeran: When Mikeran lied and told the goddess that he hadn't found the robe, she decided to stay in earth and live with him. The pair fell in love, were wed and had 2 children. So this picture what they actually wear when they're married with two children.…


Sasuke::願いが…「力」が欲しい…"A Wish is…..I desire power."
Sakura:: サスケくん……この想い届いて欲しい….."Sasuke-kun…..I desire these feelings to reach"
Naruto::「火影になる!」って短冊に書いたってばよ!"I have written on the tanzaku, ‘I want to be a Hokage’!!"
Hinata:: ど……どしよう……ナルトくん……喜んでくれるかな?"What shall I do it? To make Naruto-kun happy (for me)?"

If you read these lines, it looks like "one-sided". Naruto wished for hokage, Sasuke wished for more power, Sakura wished that her feelings reach for him and Hinata wished to make him happy for her. According to source, their wishes for love will be granted if one of them also make a wish for them. For example, a man's wish is to marry his crush, the celestial maiden also respond his wish "i wish that i'll be with you forever" or just like that.

One popular Tanabata custom is to write one's wishes on a piece of paper, and hang that piece of paper on a specially erected bamboo tree, in the hope that the wishes become true. If the sky is clear on the night of 七夕, your wish might be accepted by 神様 (かみさま – kamisama – God) of Heaven. But you must give up it when it’s a rainy night. In fact, the poor lovers (Altair and Vega) can’t meet either on a rainy night, so they must wait for next year.


Note: I'll try to finish for naruto and hinata's name of their attacks

Sasuke's name of attack is Naruto because it says, "Hikoboshi's whisper"
Sakura's name of attack is Hinata because it says,
"The womanly feelings of a Celestian Maiden". Sakura and Hinata are the only female characters dressed up as Celestial Maiden so, it's Hinata. It's like sakura decided to attack hinata's feelings for naruto.

* BACKGROUND: They are all surrounded by Milky Way ("Heavenly River") but look closely at hinata's second picture. You can see behind her are the shadows of trees and a ray of light, this signifies that she's indeed the "Goddess Tabanata". Sakura's 1st and 2nd cards surrounded by a wind.

* BODY LANGUAGE: Naruto, sasuke and sakura holds Bamboo leaves that means they already have their wishes, you can see naruto has lots of bamboo leaves that signifies he's working hard to make his wish comes true. But in Hinata's second card, you'll see her holding upright her tanzaku without holding or surrounding bamboo leaves. She looks unhappy and worried in this picture (you can see her facial expression and her gesture in first and second pictures). It's like she's having a second thought whether she give her wish or not. The sitting pose and looking up in the sky shows the unhappy Goddess Tabanata (unmarried to Mikeran) wanted to return her homeland (heaven) but she was force to stay in earth because her robe was stolen.

* SECOND CARD: Sakura holds a tanzaku and a brush. It looks like she removes the violet tanzaku and hangs the new pink tanzaku. Hinata holds only one pink tanzaku.

Naruto, sakura, sasuke and hinata (c) Masashi Kishimoto
researched by: Ichiro95


Arigatou gozaimasu, sashun-niisan for posting my research work here in DA. I know you're busy right now with your studies.... ganbatte kudasai, niisan!!!
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