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Well, this is my un-evolved Pokemon White team (currently the only one not fully evolved is Larvesta).

- - -

Placid - Male - Sandile (now Krookodile) - My favorite; named, just like all of my crocodiles, after the movie Lake Placid.

Artemis - Female - Deerling (now Sawsbuck) - Another favorite; had her species and name pinned down when they were still slowly releasing the japanese names and pokemon. Named after the Greek goddess Artemis, one of her symbols being a stag.

Jupiter - Male - Joltik (now Galvantula) - He was so ADORABLE. Ahem. Named Jupiter because I use Zeus too much (Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus).

Selene - Female - Cubchoo (now Beartic) - I used to dislike these two, but I grew to love them. Named Selene because she's the Roman personification of the moon, and I'd already used Artemis (who has a she-bear as another one of her symbols).

Itachi - Male - Meinfoo (now Meinshao) - Like Artemis, I had Itachi picked out gender and species when I was seeing the incoming of japanese pokemon; because Itachi means weasel.

Persephone - Female - Larvesta (not too far from Volcarona) - Got her little egg, knowing what it was, and decided to keep her around after she hatched. Named after the queen of the Underworld in Greek mythology.

All Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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