Petal Fall Picture

Ayo, remember my little girl Kinu the Kitsune? Haha, she's not dead like half of my characters OTL
I promised last time I would add more information so here it goes:

She is 22 years old, her parents, both Kitsune as well, are alive. She is living with them and her grandmother in a shrine near a village. They are worshiped because they protect the village from beings with malicious intent.
She can create blue flames on the tips of her tails. When she gets older her tails are going to split and she will get stronger. When in her fox form she can also levitate for quite a while. She is currently taught how to levitate by her grandmother.

She has a few human friends in the village and also other mythological creatures as friends, two of them being Kou the Ameonna and Kemuri the Enenra.

Art and characters © Me

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