Waters of Sulis Picture

Date: 3/29/05
Medium: Oil
Description: i think it turned out kind of nice...maybe because its a
little dark and moody compaired to normal landscapes About 30+ hours of work

Sulis in Celtic mythology is the goddess of the hot springs and
the water of life. Water is connected with the moon and its tides.
Spirituality and feminine forces are connected with water in
many religions and beleifs. Water is such a powerful element and
should never be reckonded with, it may over power you with its
flowing beauty. Water is needed by everything on this earth,
from the smallest sprout to the most grand of animals. Water
is the beginning of life. Without it nothing on this earth would
exist, and if we loose it we will all be in a great deal of
trouble. Only 1 percent of the earth's water is able to drink.
If we happen to loose this rare resource global hunger will no
longer be the biggest world problem, there will be a shortage
of the water that keeps us all alive as well. That is why we
must respect such a powerful element. Even just the littlest of
help from volunteers will move us towards keeping our water safe.
Picking up just a little bit of litter or keeping that can of pop
in your hand until you find a trash can will make that much of a
difference. Everything has to start somewhere. One person's
actions can affect so many.
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