Virtuous Picture

In Roman mythology, Diana was the goddess of the hunt, being associated with wild animals and woodland, and also of the moon. Along with her main attributes, Diana was an emblem of chastity.

This is a life-size statue of Diana, located in the Allerton Gardens, Kauai. In the part of the garden called "Diana's Room", Diana stands at one end of a reflection pool, with a white lattice gazebo at the other. [link]
Miraculously, this statue was one of the few things in the 80-acre garden that remained unscathed by Hurricane Iniki [link] in 1992. While just above the level of the storm surge (29 ft.), the statue survived a sustained wind of 130 mph with gusts up to 160 mph as well all the accompanying debris.

If you're wondering what she is doing, she's pulling one end of her cloak over her shoulder to connect it in front.
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