Waxing Picture

Waxing / waning
Pen, ink &

“The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment and the world.”
-Joseph Campbell

This pair came about mainly by having a fantastic model, my friend Andrea, and being able to bounce ideas off of her like, “I’d like to do something like ‘Midnight In The Courtyard of the Moon’, whaddya think?”
After we played around with a cardboard cutout moon for a while, these were what we came up with. The over all size is my longest measuring concept to date.
Some friends have referred to these pieces as ‘The Wall’, but my argument is that there is enough going on to constantly engage the viewer’s eye. Now, when you look at it, are you really seeing the paintings or how much of them is your imagination filling in for you?
I guess my deep or philosophical question posed by these paintings is ‘How much do you really see?’ And how much do we just remember? And how reliable is that memory?
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